Where are you located and when are your services?
We currently meet at 5:00pm on Saturday nights at Southeast Christian Church. 1881 E Vine St. Murray, UT 84121. We are in the process of pursuing our own building.

What should I wear to your weekly public gathering?
Whatever you feel comfortable in! There’s no dress code at K2. Just come as you are!

What do you have for kids?
K2 loves kids & families. We welcome children to attend our worship services with their families. Once the welcome, announcements, and musical worship portion of the service have finished, children in kindergarten through 5th grade are dismissed to attend their own on-site classes in Adventure Canyon. These classes are led by trained, background-checked volunteers who love kids and can’t wait to meet and actively engage your children. Many children attend Adventure Canyon each week, so everyone is checked in electronically and receives a personal name badge to make sure they are known and safe; only the person registering them is allowed to pick them up. K2 provides loving, secure care for children younger than kindergarten age, as well.

What do you have for teens?
We have a full-time youth director, Cloe Sadiq, who leads both our Jr. High and Sr. High students. They meet on Sunday nights. You can get more information on our students page.

How can I get connected?
The best first step is to try out a Community Group. These are groups that meet once a month to share a meal, build friendships and just do life together! There are different groups around the valley to help you connect with those you live near. Once you get connected into a Community Group, we then provide smaller discipleship groups of 3-5 for the purpose of pouring into each other to grow in our faith. These groups usually form organically as people connect with one another. But if you are interested in pursuing a group don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll help you join one!

Are you involved in serving the community?
Yes we are! Jesus came to bring the way of heaven to earth! Everywhere He went He was meeting people’s practical needs. We do a monthly Food & Clothing Pantry as well as other outreaches to our homeless friends. We are also actively involved in supporting those who are working with children in foster care. We also are engaged in serving the global community with long term partnerships in Eswatini, Africa and Honduras. Go to our outreach page for more detailed information on these opportunities

Are you a part of a particular denomination?
No we are not. We like to say we are inter-denominational. This simply means people at K2 have come from all different church backgrounds. We believe strongly in the unity of the church and hold firmly to the classic phrase – “In the essentials unity. In non-essentials liberty. In all things love.